Arts & Heritage Stabilization Program 2002- 2010

The NBFA, in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Province of New Brunswick, the Saydie and Samuel Bronfman Family Foundation, and the private sector, was entrusted with $1.3 million in 2002 to help improve the administration, governance, finances and creative capacity of nine New Brunswick arts & heritage organizations.

Symphony New Brunswick

Fredericton Arts & Learning
NB Summer Music Festival

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Théâtre Populaire d’Acadie
York Sunbury Museum

Frye Festival

Gallery Connexion
Theatre New Brunswick

The objective of the program was to enable the province’s arts and heritage organizations to eliminate their predicaments with cumulative deficits, cash flow and capital reserves, thereby allowing them to focus on their creative and community service goals.

The NBFA helped arts and heritage organizations:

  • Strengthen their connection to their audiences and build those audiences;
  • Adopt an integrated approach to short-term operating and multi-year planning;
  • Develop and implement sound governance and management policies and practices that uphold the highest standards of accountability; and
  • Adopt sound financial management practices based on the principles of operational surplus generation and risk management while respecting the organization’s artistic and heritage integrity.

The Arts & Heritage Stabilization Program was one of the most important initiatives for the sustainability of arts and heritage in New Brunswick and thanks to the hard work of participants and members of the NBFA it was an overwhelming success. The Program concluded in 2010 with all participants showing significant growth in audience participation, volunteer base, donations, visibility and revenue.

Read the Community Report for a more detailed analysis:

  • Arts and Heritage Stabilization Program, 2006–2010 Community Report (320 KB PDF), An Executive Summary of the Arts and Heritage Stabilization Program Report, March 21st, 2011

Our Stabilization Program Supporters

The NBFA wishes to thank all of the Stabilization Program Supporters for their generous donations. Your support has greatly contributed to the success of our major fundraising campaign and, ultimately, to the long term sustainability of New Brunswick arts and heritage organizations.