Many people want to try their luck and try to play online casinos for money. And there is nothing strange about it, because this way to merge negative emotions and get positive, even psychologists assess as excellent.

Beginners need, first of all, to remove the pink points and understand once and for all – to earn on arbitration traffic is not easy. If you are told that it is easy – they lie shamelessly. Or they just got off to a good start.

How do you make it easier to start an arbitration career and which gamble vertical to choose for a successful start? We offer an overview of the most profitable gambling-offer verticals for beginner arbitrators.

How to choose the first gambling-offer and not to make a mistake?

A good question, and the answer is worth a separate article with a detailed description of each item. But here we focus on the most important points:


Low payouts

For the start of the low payoffs, that’s what the doctor prescribed. These advertising campaigns are easy to set up and run, so for stuffing the first bumps and getting to know the arbitration world is the best option.

Offers with low payouts, like up to $2, are a good start for beginners. The envelope here is higher than that of the high bidders, and the experience gained will provide you with the knowledge to further optimize your campaign. Tempting spreadsheets with payouts of $50-100 are much more difficult to convert, they require serious investments. That’s why we advise you to start with inexpensive options.

Conversion should be easy

Select verticals with easy conversion at the beginning of your work to understand the arbitrage kitchen. When you’ve gained practical experience, you can work with more complex offers where payouts are higher. But it’s also much harder to get a high conversion here.

Choose a Tier 3 country

GEOs are divided into three levels of tier. The first level includes developed countries – USA, Canada, UK and Germany. There is a high level of competition, so beginners are advised to pay attention to Tier 2, or better, 3 – are countries with low purchasing power, such as Mexico, India, Brazil. Here, traffic is much cheaper and conversion is quite high.

Take a look at the competitors

Pay attention to other people’s campaigns and competitors – how they create and succeed. It is not necessary to copy their creativity, but to analyze the experience is a must. For this purpose, we recommend using spy tools.

Favorable verticals for the start

Casino shield

Gambling vertical

The opportunity to win “free money” makes the gembling vertical one of the most promising and in demand among arbitrators. Partners offer high payouts, several payment formats, work with desktop and mobile traffic. And now for the downside.

You will need a strong technical background: your cloaking, pharming, spy services, and a serious budget for the start. For a web site that starts from scratch, with geo-Russia and the only offshore, the minimum budget is $500-800. This amount will be enough to understand how the vertical works and under the right circumstances to come to the plus. Due to this, not every newcomer can afford to enter the gemblings.

Betting vertical

Beginners are often mistaken, meaning by Hambling exclusively casinos. Gambling is a broad concept. It is a general vertical that includes casinos, poker and sports betting. So betting refers to event gaming and means betting on sports.

What are the differences? In poker you have to confront other players, and in the casino the dealer plays against the player. In betting it is easier – here the main thing is to correctly predict the events that occur regardless of the bets. Many poker fans and avid poker players in casinos are switching to betting and thanks to a systematic approach to achieve good earnings.

What do you need to know a beginner who plans to work in betting vertical:

  • Since it is an event vertical, you need to be active during certain events – Olympic Games, championships, etc. The task of the arbitrator is to be aware of all the sports movement.
  • Advertising systems do not like betting in the same way as a product, adalt, etc. Therefore, problems will traditionally have to be circumvented with the help of gray schemes.


The bulk of the players stick to poker not for mega-cool winnings, but for fun. Some, betting at a poker table, relieve stress, others get a portion of adrenaline. Unlike roulette and slots, 80% success here depends on experience and professionalism.

Each poker room is in dire need of new regulator players – they play all the time and bring rake to the game club. Here the player does not even have to make deposits, he can top up his balance once and then play for that money, still bringing us a rake poker room. It doesn’t matter how many deposits the player has made, it matters how much rake he has played. It is important to the arbitrator that the player he has attracted is a regular player and that he goes up in the limits.

Cubes Casino

Poker clubs pay a percentage of their income to the web. This scheme is called a revshare – the arbitrator receives a fixed percentage from the rake that all the players he hires have played.

When working with gaming, you will have to come up with your own creative ideas to attract new players. The existing ones will not bring you good earnings. And to come up with a really cool creativity, you need to perfectly know the kitchen of poker and gambling in general.

5 top tips for arbitrators starting out in Gobling.

    1. Choose partners without a hold.
    2. Try to work with licensed casinos.
    3. Pay attention to the ratio of jumps to reggae.
    4. Choose a casino where there is a wide range of replenishment methods and they are popular in your geo
    5. Notice how quickly a sapporte responds…

Now you have an idea of what verticals to start with and what it takes to start a successful start in gembling arbitration.